Emily Theis

I'm a Boston-based designer, illustrator, and digital producer.

I’m proud to be a producer at Upstatement. I used to be a print editorial designer — at The Boston Globe and The Star Tribune in Minneapolis. I grew up in Indianapolis and studied journalism graphics and Spanish at Ball State University. I forget all the Spanish. I forget some of the journalism.

I have a lot of hobbies! I like quilting, hanging out with my tiny adorable dog, practicing yoga, and playing music. I also write sometimes, about missing my time in Minneapolis and what the hell a digital producer is.

One of my most recent projects is the Breakup Survival Guide, a site powered by listeners of the Death Sex & Money podcast that serves up randomized heartache cures. The project was graciously profiled by Melody Kramer for the Poynter Institute and also shared by Death Sex & Money. Feel free to check out the code on GitHub.

I'm always up for making friends (#midwestern) or taking on side projects, so get in touch via any Internet method you please! Don't forget to follow my dog Noodle on Instagram too. Wait, did I mention I have a dog?

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