Hello, there!

I’m Emily Theis, a Boston-based designer, illustrator, and digital producer.

I’m proud to be a producer at the raddest digital design shop in town, Upstatement. I used to be a print editorial designer — at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis and The Boston Globe. I grew up in Indianapolis and studied journalism graphics and Spanish at Ball State University. I forget all the Spanish. I forget some of the journalism.

I spend my free time quilting, hanging out with my unbelievably adorable dog, exercising, and playing music. I am addicted to hobbies, so that list is probably out of date by now. I’ve written some things that live online, about limiting my wardrobe (yeah, yeah, another minimalism article), missing my time in Minneapolis, and what the hell a digital producer is.

You can find me all over the internet, but I particularly dig Instagram and Twitter. Don’t forget to follow my dog Noodle on Instagram too. You can also shoot me an email if you’d like to be my friend or work with me. Preferably, both!

Did I mention I have a dog?