Emily Theis

I'm a Boston-based producer, musician, and serial hobbyist.

I’m proud to be Head of Producers at Upstatement, where I guide strategic design and engineering projects for clients like On Being, PBS NewsHour, Harvard Gazette, Emergence Capital, and the MIT homepage and undergraduate admissions.

Job stuff

I facilitate (and have taught) design research and workshopping; conduct and analyze user testing; serve as a friendly sounding board and mediator for clients; and keep everything organized, prioritized, and on time. Based on others' descriptions, I'm some blend of a design researcher, strategist, project/product manager, scrum master, account manager, and therapist. I also lead and mentor our wonderful team of producers. I've written more about the Upstatement producer role, our agile agency process, and our highly collaborative approach with our clients.

I started my career as an editorial designer and illustrator — at The Boston Globe and The Star Tribune in Minneapolis. I grew up in Indianapolis and studied journalism graphics and Spanish at Ball State University.

Music things

If you're looking for my music (I moonlight as an indie pop act called Theis) hop on over to my musical internet places: Spotify, website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Hobbies and side projects

I like quilting, hanging out with my tiny adorable dog, running, yoga, and writing. I've written about missing my time in Minneapolis, minimizing my wardrobe after college, and the art of having a bazillion hobbies

I created the Breakup Survival Guide, a site powered by listeners of the Death Sex & Money podcast that serves up randomized heartache cures. The project was graciously profiled by the Poynter Institute, as well as Jetzt, the digital magazine from Germany’s biggest nationwide newspaper (wunderbar!).

After launching the Breakup Survival Guide, my friend Katie Broida and I worked with Death, Sex & Money team again to build a randomizer for their Opportunity Costs series, sharing listeners' feelings of pride and shame about their class status.

Be my pal

I'm always up for making friends (#midwestern) or taking on side projects, so get in touch via any Internet method you please! Don't forget to follow my dog Noodle on Instagram too. Wait, did I mention I have a dog?

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